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Blancpain Air Command Fifty Fathoms GMT Model No: 2250 1130 71

$5,975.00 $5,275.00

Men’s 40mm Stainless Steel Blancpain Air Command Fifty Fathoms GMT watch. Model No: 2250 1130 71. Black color dial with a calendar between 4:00 & 5:00 o’clock markers. Bi-Directional Rotating GMT Divers Bezel. GMT function: GMT Function indicated by the Red Arrow Head hand which points to the Bi-Directional Bezel with Raised Hour Markers indicated in a 24 hour mode. Swiss Automatic movement. Sapphire scratch resistant crystal. Stainless Steel bracelet with a double sided push button folding clasp. Inner Factory Box and  Papers.

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Air Command Fifty Fathoms GMT

Model Number

2250 1130 71






Sapphire Scratch Resistant Crystal




Between 4:00 & 5:00 o'clock markers



Case Thickness


Case Material

Stainless Steel

Bezel Type

Bi-Directional Rotating GMT Divers


Stainless Steel


Double sided push button folding clasp


Stainless Steel

Hour Markers

glow in the dark slashes and Arabic numerals at quarter hour

Water Resistance

Water Resistant to 300m/990 ft


inner box and Factory papers

Retail Price



GMT function: GMT Function indicated by the Red Arrow Head hand which points to the Bi-Directional Bezel with Raised Hour Markers indicated in a 24 hour mode

The Pre-Owned Rolex Watch Specialists