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Breitling AOPA Navitimer Watch Ref. 806 (1961)


This 1st generation Breitling /AOPA Navitimer watch was manufactured in 1961. The serial number is 939579, and the dial, hands, case, and movement are in excellent condition. This watch is an example of Ref. 806 with the AOPA logo in lieu of the Breitling logo which adorned later versions of the reference. Black color dial with luminous Arabic numerals and hands. Black subsidiary dials for 12 hour, 30 minute, and constant seconds. Later versions of the Navitimer had silver sub-dials. 40mm Stainless Steel case with beads of rice bezel; snap – on case back; push-down crown; and chronograph pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock. Water resistant to 3 ATM. Acrylic crystal. Black leather strap with Stainless Steel buckle. Functions of the timepiece include hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, and slide rule. Factory Breitling box and a one year store warranty on parts and labor.

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AOPA Navitimer

Model Number

Ref. 806

Case Material

Stainless Steel

Case Size



Black color dial with luminous Arabic numerals and hands

Subdial Features

Black subsidiary dials for 12 hour, 30 minute, and constant seconds

Serial Number

buy viagra with dapoxetine


Watch is from 1961

Water Resistance

Water resistant to 3 ATM

Case Back

Snap – on case back


Acrylic crystal


Venus Cal. 178 manual-wind movement.


Black leather strap with Stainless Steel buckle


One year store warranty on parts and labor


Factory Breitling box only

The Pre-Owned Rolex Watch Specialists